In-house Construction Expertise

Simplified & Streamlined Construction

As part of the vertically-integrated Williams family of companies, WDP partners with A.P. Williams, Inc., one of Central Pennsylvania’s most well-known and respected commercial construction firms, as well as Mainline Excavating, Inc. and Williams Site Civil to smoothly deliver development projects from initial concept through completion and handover. We are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with the best in real estate development.

Because our talented team has decades of direct experience in civil engineering, sitework and building construction, we know how to identify and leverage opportunities to reduce expenses, speed up the process, and increase the quality of the completed building.

Civil engineer and architects at central PA construction site

A Better Way to Build

Historically, one of the biggest problems that project owners face when working with other firms is the poor communication and lack of rapport between the design team and the construction team. This is because in most cases the full project team is an ad hoc organization assembled specifically for that project, with no prior experience working together and no incentive for clear communication or true partnership. Friction often develops due to differing personalities, workflows and goals, which often leads to conflict, mistakes and added costs.

At WDP, our approach is different. We approach each project in a cooperative and cohesive manner. Our development and design teams work hand in hand with the construction side of the business and have done so for many years. Our goals are aligned, always in favor of providing our clients with the best building for the best value. The key players and the process are consistent project to project, and our finely-tuned processes have been optimized to improve the client experience and streamline the construction process.

Design and build services

Delivering Excellence In Design/Build Construction

In conjunction with our own internal design staff, we partner with architects and engineers who specialize in commercial and medical office construction. Whether you are creating an ambulatory surgery center, office building, restaurant or retail space, our experienced team in concert with A.P. Williams will focus on your specific needs and will create a design that helps you reach the next level of success.

Construction management services

Value Engineering Land Development

We engineer savings. Our team is involved at the earliest stages of the project to maximize value and ensure a successful, on-time completion. Savings begin at site evaluation, where our development experts analyze sites available to ensure that we get a complete understanding of all the variables that may increase the cost or challenges of building on the site. Our expertise in development, civil engineering and excavation allows our team to ensure that our clients get the most out of their investment.

General contracting services

General Contracting

In its role as a general contractor, A.P. Williams partners with Central Pennsylvania’s top subcontractors, tradespeople and skilled labor to construct office buildings and spaces that align with our clients’ needs. Our team carefully plans and oversees construction, ensuring that scheduling and phasing is optimized to complete the work efficiently and at the highest levels of quality. The team will make certain the project runs smoothly and finishes on time and on budget.

Multi project services

Multiple Project Specialist

In addition to developing and constructing standalone commercial or medical office buildings, APW has special expertise in constructing similar projects at multiple locations for the same client. We will help you streamline the site evaluation, design and construction process and avoid the hassle and confusion of dealing with multiple providers. We are your single point of contact for all your commercial development and construction needs.

Everything we do is in support of our clients’ best interests.

Our in-house construction firm, A.P. Williams, is an extremely experienced and skilled commercial builder that undertakes projects using a variety of industry standard project delivery systems to meet the needs of our clients. Each of these approaches offers a slightly different path to a high-quality completed project. No matter what delivery mechanism is utilized, our number one role is to be the client’s advocate.

Handshake between client and business