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Our experience in all aspects of development, financing, design & construction gives us a unique perspective and understanding of what is required to craft a well-designed building that helps our clients meet their goals.

The Williams family of companies works together to create tightly controlled, expertly planned buildings that perform just as our clients wish. Our experience and understanding of the entire process allows us to limit change orders, reduce required contingency funds, and enhance coordination between all aspects of the build. We deliver a building that is optimized to meet your needs as efficiently as possible.

There are many steps to development, from the initial planning and real estate selection through sitework, building construction and occupancy. At each stage in the process, there are opportunities to create synergies that increase efficiencies, reduce cost and speed up the process between initial planning and open for business. Because we are involved in the entire process, we understand the costs and benefits of construction alternatives, how decisions made are interconnected and influence each other, and how best to take advantage of the opportunities to provide exceptional value engineering to our customers.

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A Strong History of Development and Construction

Paul Williams, a civil engineer by trade, founded the first of the Williams family of companies, the general contracting firm A.P. Williams, Inc., in 1994. He was quickly joined by his brother, Drew, who is a licensed Professional Engineer. Together they began creating the strong foundation of experience, dedication to craft, integrity, transparency and follow-through that defines the Williams family of businesses.

In 2000, the brothers founded Mainline Excavating, Inc., dedicated to providing exceptional excavating and sitework services by utilizing a common sense, cost-saving approach based on practical engineering alternatives. In 2017, the brothers established Williams Site Civil, a site engineering and land development company to further enhance their ability to become involved earlier in the site process, when the ability to make the biggest impact on the future success of the project is the greatest.

Paul and Drew have been providing development services since 2004 as an enhanced service through the Williams family of companies. In 2019, they formed Williams Development Partners to formalize and expand upon their development capabilities.

Integrity Matters

By carefully planning and expanding their firms’ expertise while still maintaining their core values, the Williams family of companies has achieved tremendous success based upon their unwavering dedication to treating each client’s project as if it were their own. As they continue to grow their businesses, Paul and Drew have established a commanding presence in the Central Pennsylvania construction industry. The Williams family of businesses are well-known within the region as a completely open, honest firm that always acts in the best interest of its clients.

Every day we strive to be the best in the industry. That means we act with integrity, tightly control the development and construction process, and keep you informed every step of the way to earn your respect and trust.

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